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At this moment Kenya is facing a natural disaster as extreme rains are causing flooding with Nairobi being particularly badly affected. The Mathare Slums are the worst affected. Mathare is one of the biggest slums in Nairobi and is low lying next to the river. Right now the floods are leaving thousands homeless and deaths have been recorded.

Some of the schools we support in Mathare have been destroyed by the flood waters and others are full of water. Our Abundant school has been washed away. Fountain school has been partly destroyed. It’s heartbreaking seeing this destruction, especially as these are some of the schools we visited when we went to Nairobi in October. The conditions were terrible then and are even worse now.

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Another of our schools which is badly affected is the Soul Mercy Orphanage School. There are 250 orphans living here in extremely difficult circumstances. We recently organised a fundraising event for the orphanage and raised a few thousand euros which were used to improve the unhygienic situation by repairing and renewing the toilets.

We also provided blankets and bedding for all 250 orphans. At this moment the dormitories are flooded. Children are sleeping three to a bed on the top bunk of their bunk beds. The water reached the lower beds, soaking bedding and mattresses. Everything is soaked and they are not able to cook because all the firewood and charcoal is saturated with water.

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