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Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship program is an educational and Empowerment program for girls. Our project is based in 10 schools in and around the Informal Settlements of Mathare and Kariobangi. We feel it is important to conduct health and peer education programs for the empowering and improvement of support for vulnerable girls and teenage mothers. We provide Coaching, Mentorship and Education. We teach a curriculum to educate girls about sexual health, menstrual hygiene, family planning and AIDS awareness and prevention and children’s rights. We have trained a dedicated team of mentors who work together with teachers in 10 schools in Nairobi. Our mentorship program empowers girls through workshops, group discussion, civil rights advice, mentorship and coaching sessions in schools and in the local community. We also use sporting activities as a way of encouraging teamwork, creating a bond, reducing stress and encouraging positivity.


Emergency aid needed!

At this moment Kenya is facing a natural disaster as extreme rains are causing flooding with Nairobi being particularly badly affected.

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