Mathare Girl Power Project

Poverty and lack of support and services leaves women and young girls in a vulnerable position. Poverty forces women and girls to make difficult choices. How do you sustain a family with no funds? How do you provide for a family when you have no qualifications to enable you to find work?

What we do about it

Our Empowerment Program aims to support, educate and empower girls to improve their lives by making more informed choices.Our mentors work together with teachers and coaches, providing knowledge and support about sexuality, sexual health, HIV/aids, puberty, advocacy and other issues.

About Mathare

Mathare is one of the largest and oldest informal settlements in Nairobi. It is an expansive slum only a few square miles which houses more than half a million people in Nairobi, Kenya. Inhabitants have inadequate housing, very basic services and poor access to safe drinking water and sanitation.


We want to be able to continue to provide breakfasts for the school children in our 10 Nairobi schools because we see what a big difference this makes and because the need to feed poverty stricken children is great.

Period Poverty

We want to keep providing sanitary protection in a sustainable way and provide the means to make our own reusable, washable sanitary towels for all girls who join our Empowerment Program


We aim to keep training new mentors who will continue supporting and mentoring girls in the future

Our future plans

We are able to invest in these girls’ futures thanks to donations from Contribute foundation, fundraising events and private donations. For specific information on how the funds are spent see the page ‘annual report’.

If you would like to support us and help invest in these girls’ futures, you can donate here!


The latest updates

Here we try to update you when possible about the journey.