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Outreach Program

In 2022 we started an Outreach program in rural schools in Turkana, Kajiado, Pokot, Kisumu and Isiolo counties. We want to reach out to girls in rural areas of Kenya, where education for girls is very limited. Poverty and high school fees are a big problem, even more so than in the Informal Settlements in Nairobi. Girls are more likely to drop out of school early and be forced into early marriages. Also teenage pregnancies and infections with HIV/ AIDS are common. Menstrual hygiene is a problem for girls and women who have no access to menstrual products or clean water supplies. We know that educating and empowering girls is crucial to improving their knowledge, their health and their futures. Our Mentorship Program and Menstrual workshops will help to bring about a change in their futures. Our Mathare Girl Power Project mentors work together with their teachers to teach our school curriculum and we provide sanitary protection during our menstruation workshops.


Emergency aid needed!

At this moment Kenya is facing a natural disaster as extreme rains are causing flooding with Nairobi being particularly badly affected.

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